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Points of Control

John Battelle and Tim O’Reilly initiate the Web 2.0 summit to show the future
strategy of web technologies, both of them have a an excellent thoughts and views
about the web or business space. Same as them now the new business innovators
who are from Google, Twitter,Facebook, Baidu, and many other properties in the
global web space are shared about the ideas of future and also this year theme
was about the Points of Control.

Five Key Strategies From The Web 2.0 Summit

  1. Go Social/Mobile or Become Irrelevant
  2. Build A Diverse Empire, Measure, Refine
  3. Learn Everything You Can About Social Behavior
  4. Share Value of Collective Intelligence
  5. Focus on User Experience

You can learn more about this map here

Now we can know about Points of Control through experts talk.

A Conversation with Google’s Eric Schmidt

A Conversation with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

A Conversation with Twitter’s Evan Williams

Zynga’s Mark Pincus on “Playing for High Stakes in the New App Economy

Reference:  Daniel Hudson (2010).  Web 2.0 Summit: The Future Strategy of Web Technologies [online]. [Accessed 09 nov 2010]. Available from: http://webtechman.com/blog/2010/11/19/web-2-0-summit-the-future-strategy-of-web-technologies/

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